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Why Choose Me as Your Unit Stills Photographer and BTS Specialist?

Expertise in Capturing the Essence of Every Scene

As a seasoned Unit Stills Photographer, I excel in capturing the essence of each scene with precision and artistry. My photographs are not just images; they are stories frozen in time, encapsulating the mood, emotion, and narrative of your production. Whether it's a dramatic close-up or a wide shot of a pivotal moment, my work ensures your project is remembered in its best light.

Unobtrusive Yet Comprehensive Coverage

My approach to Behind the Scenes (BTS) photography is both discreet and comprehensive. I understand the delicate balance required to document the magic happening behind the camera without disrupting the flow of production. From candid moments of cast and crew at work to the intricate details of set design and equipment, my BTS coverage provides a complete visual diary of your project’s journey.

Professionalism and Adaptability

With years of experience on various sets, I bring a high level of professionalism and adaptability to every shoot. I am adept at navigating the dynamic environment of film and television production, ensuring that I capture the key moments without interfering with the workflow. My ability to blend into the background allows me to get authentic shots that showcase the true spirit of the production process.

Passion for Storytelling

Photography is not just a job for me; it is a passion. I am deeply committed to the art of storytelling through images. My dedication shines through in every shot, ensuring that each photograph I take adds value to your production. I strive to create images that not only document but also enhance the viewer's connection to the story being told.

Unit Stills Photographer Short Film Publicity Stills
Short Film Publicity Stills




Publicity Stills

Behind The Scenes


Short Film: These Walls
Director: Doreen Manuel
Writer: Doreen Manuel
Cast: Grace Dove, Andrea Menard, Peter Hall
Short Film: Far Removed
Director: Michi Hayashi
Writer: Michi Hayashi
Cast: Michi HayashiRyan DeLaRondeGeorgia Stephens
Short Film: The Singularity
Director: Michael Palmer
Writer: Adarsh Bora, Michael Palmer
Cast: Amélie Timer, Glen Ferguson, Michael Palmer
Short Film: 2%
Director: Jenn Rogan
Writer: Jenn Rogan, Zac Bennett-McPhee, Elyse Maloway, Charlie Murphy, Erin Purghart
Cast: Zac Bennett-McPhee, Elyse Maloway, Charlie Murphy, Erin Purghart